Stronger together to focus on your horse’s soundness

That’s the philosophy of our team of experienced equine orthopaedic vets who will join their forces to offer you and your horse the best service!


Sport Horse Clinic was created by the willingness of orthopaedic vets to bring together their knowledge to offer the best service to their clients.

With many years of experience working individually, the members of our team were so convinced by the idea « alone we can do so little, together we can do so much » that we decided to put our ego’s aside and give our clients the unique opportunity to benefit from the collaboration of experienced sport horses orthopaedic vets.


At Sport Horse Clinic Belgium, our mission is to optimize the equine locomotion. To reach that goal we focus on three main goals:

– Giving you a realistic conclusion on the pre-purchase examination of your next sport partner, «because any horse is perfect, but many horses can compete at a high level»;

– Supporting its sport career through accurate orthopaedic examinations, «because horse soundness is the foundation of great performances»;

– And finally, offering you a wide-range of therapeutic options to help you solve any orthopaedic problem your horse could suffer from, « because a diagnosis is not the end of the process, but only the beginning ».

Feel free to contact us for information or appointment: +32 496 50 96 94