“Horse soundness is the foundation of great performances”.

At SHC we offer you an acute orthopaedic examination of your equine athlete to detect early pathologies, prevent injuries and support your horse locomotion by the most professional approach available on the veterinary market.

Our team is available to consult your horse at its own stable but we believe that it’s better to examine a horse in a clinic environment, as it will bring more successful results on specific cases. That’s why we strongly recommend you to make an appointment in our clinic because we are “Stronger together to focus on your horse’s soundness”.


“Buying a horse is an important step that starts by an essential and complete check-up”.

At SHC, our team can rely on many years of experience doing vetting of sport horses for top levels stables. As a result, we are able to provide you with an accurate conclusion on a pre-purchase examination.

Clinical examination, x-rays, ultrasonography, laryngoscopy, detection of doping substances, … we offer you many technical possibilities to evaluate your (future) horse’s condition.

Because any horse is perfect, but many horses can compete at a high level, we believe that team discussions and experience are the key in detection and realistic risk evaluation of abnormalities observed during screening.


“Diagnosis is not the end of the process, but only the beginning”

At SHC, we want to focus on the solution. We believe diagnosis is essential, but we know that every rider’s wish is to have a sound horse. We offer our patients a wide range of therapeutic options adapted to the pathologies diagnosed. Intra-articular therapies (conventional, PRP, IRAP, ProStride, Stem cells,…), mesotherapy, ultrasound-guided injections, shockwaves therapy, laser therapy, rehabilitation protocols, … are all possible treatments.


At SHC, your horse is examined in depth and on different footings as the clinic is equipped with hard ground straight line, hard ground semi-covered circle and soft ground indoor and outdoor arenas for accurate lameness detection. Flexion tests are incorporated into the examination to have further information on the locomotion.


All our vets are equipped with the most modern mobile digital equipment to realize very good quality x-ray examinations on-site or in the clinic. Images can be send in a short period of time to the horse’s owner.


To image the soft tissues (tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints,..) of the horses, all our vets are using the last generation ultrasound machines. They are all well trained and very experienced to perform ultrasound-guided injections where the position of the needle is controlled by ultrasonography (neck, back, SI).


ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy) is commonly used for treating orthopaedic problems in horses, including tendon and ligament injuries, as well as in physical therapy for pain reduction, increasing the metabolism at cellular level, revascularisation, and recovering normal muscle tone following various disorders.


Intra-articular therapies are used to treat joints suffering from damages due to the inflammation processes (bad quality synovial liquid, lesion in the cartilage, joint capsule thickening,…). Injections of anti-inflammatory drugs, hyaluronic acid, polyacrylamide gels are just a few of the options available to break the inflammation degenerative cycle that leads to the pain. We always carefully choose the dose of medications we use in order to have the most effective result without side effects on the cartilage (chondro-protective doses).


At SHC, we use the newest therapies available on the market. IRAP, PRP, stem cells, ProStride are many techniques of treatments made from the horse’s own tissues (blood, fat, bone marrow,…) to stimulate the body to heal on its own.


The back and the neck are essential axis of the horse’s locomotion. Neck and/or back pain result in a lack of results and unridability. We offer a wide range of treatments for the horse, « top line » facets joints injections, paravertebral injections, withers injections, sacroiliac (SI) injections,  mesotherapy (multi-injections in the layers of the skin, the nerves responsible for pain perception in deeper structures are inhibited by a non-painful stimulus of the mesoderm) are just a few of the possibilities.


At SHC, we work in collaboration with the best blacksmiths to find the adequate shoeing for your horse. We really believe in the quote « no foot, no horse » and we are convinced that trimming with good balance and putting the most adapted shoe (alu or steel) can prevent injuries and reduce tension/pressure on pre-existing weak points.


SHC collaborates with internal specialists to evaluate the respiratory and cardiac systems of your horse to explore poor performance. Unfitness can be investigated as well through complete internal check-up.

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